Brianna Dodds


Brianna Dodds is one of those lucky people who always knew the career for her. As a confessed list lover, the detailed, disciplined and orderly character of Law – combined with an opportunity to help others – suits her precisely.

Brianna is also a problem solver and has the ability to see a situation from all sides, pre-empting outcomes and possible challenges, and making her way to a logical conclusion. A handy skill to have, but one that has seen her accused of cheating in family games of Cluedo more than once! She would carefully work out all the possible combinations and then narrow down her options until she came to a logical answer before being given enough clues to guess it otherwise. Cheat? Well, maybe. Super-sleuth? Definitely.

Originally from Geelong, Brianna completed her Bachelor of Law at Deakin’s Waterfront campus. She relocated to Bendigo and then joined the Robertson Hyetts team in 2022. Getting to know Bendigo, Brianna finds the regional city similar to Geelong, although she misses being close to the coast.

Brianna started her career with another Bendigo firm in the Wills and Estates and Personal Injury areas. Since joining Robertson Hyetts, Brianna has moved into Property Law and works with the team on subdivision projects.

Brianna’s methodical approach is ideal for the process-driven work in the Property team. She takes satisfaction in completing settlements, systematically working through every detail to make sure everything is as it should be – a perfect fit for her naturally detail-oriented nature.

“I’m a problem solver (sometimes to a fault!) and have used that skill in my legal career when working through an issue, just as much as when I’m helping my friends and family with situations.”

Brianna appreciates the friendly, collaborative culture of the Robertson Hyetts office and enjoys being part of such a supportive, high-performing team with excellent mentorship opportunities.

As well as building her skills and experience as a Lawyer, Brianna enjoys spending time with her dog and stretching her baking skills whenever she has a chance (which is sure to make her a popular member of the Robertson Hyetts team at morning teatime).