The Six Layers of Intentional Leadership

Robertson Hyetts is a proud supporter of the Bendigo Regional HR Network. At the most recent event, Josie Molloy from IML discussed the 6 layers of Intentional Leadership and what you can do to become a great leader.

A brief overview of her presentation is below:

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Intentional leadership is based on the premise that managers and leaders need to commit to being better and doing better – competent leadership doesn’t just happen.  Just as organisations need a vision and a strategy to head towards a vision, managers and leaders also need a vision of who they want to be and how they will get there.  In this interactive presentation, Josie Molloy (Head of Relationship Management for IML) explained the six practical things that managers and leaders can do to become better leaders:

  1. Listen and ask questions
  2. Find a mentor
  3. Commit to self-awareness
  4. Think before they act
  5. Commit to professional development
  6. Reflect

We also had a panel of local business people (Lisa Smith; Make Your House a Home, Dr Emma O’Reilly; Head of Teaching & Learning at Girton Grammar, Karen Timms; FIML CEO at Eaglehawk UFS Dispensary & Shaun Langdon; CEO of Strategem) share their leadership stories with the opportunity for wider discussion amongst the whole group.