Dispute Resolution

In life and business, not all goes to plan. Communications may break down, expectations may not be met, payments may be missed and obligations left unfulfilled.

In or out of court, Robertson Hyetts is here to help.
Our difference

We identify the issues and outcomes you want to achieve and assist you in reaching them. We work with you to find a solution that is timely, makes commercial sense, and if possible, preserves relationships in the process.

Dispute resolution describes a number of processes – negotiation and settlement, mediation and arbitration, or litigation in the court system. Often the terms ‘ADR’ or ‘alternate dispute resolution’ are used – ’alternate’ meaning other than through court.

Our dispute resolution team has extensive experience both in mediation and negotiation. We practice in State and Federal courts and tribunals at all levels, including Magistrates, County and Supreme Courts, and VCAT (the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal).

Our advice is proactive, expedient and strategic. We focus on minimising the stress, cost and impact to you and your business.

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Our process

Our services include

In or out of court

If court is the appropriate forum, we navigate you through the obligations of parties to a dispute under the Civil Procedure Act, and if proceedings are issued, maximise the opportunity for a pre-trial solution.

Almost all courts and tribunals have a built-in compulsory mediation process that parties must explore. Throughout the entire process, our aim is to ensure that you maintain ownership of the dispute and make informed decisions.

If you have to go to court, we will be assertive, focused and determined in delivering the best outcome for you.

We recently had the experience of a long running property dispute that had its own complexity and uncertainty attached to it. Having retained Robertson Hyetts firstly for the property and town planning aspects and then moving into the litigation phase we found the management of our file to be sound and the advice received along the way to be exactly what we needed. No outcome in a legal dispute is perfect although, in our case, we achieved a positive result that more than helped our situation and restored a balance to our lives. We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the team at Robertson Hyetts.

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Dispute resolution
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