Building Positive Teams

About this Bendigo Regional HR Network Event

Have you ever been part of a highly-motivated, high-morale team? If you have, the chances are that most days you were happy going to work. You most likely enjoyed collaborating with your colleagues and, together, you were able to come up with some great ideas. Because of your focus and enthusiasm, you probably did some of your best work with this team! Research shows that teams that are highly motivated and positive can make a real difference to people’s success and well-being and also accomplish far more than teams that are struggling with low-morale.

We know that a team is more than just a group of people, located together, doing their jobs. We also know that people are complex creatures, made up of diverse personality traits, desires, motivations, beliefs, values, and varying degrees of inter-personal and intrapersonal awareness. At this event, Bev Sutherland – Organisational Development Manager with Bendigo Health – will provide some insight into how teams work and the role that personality and other individual characteristics play in the relationship between team members. Bev will also offer some advice on how to address the issues associated with a dysfunctional team.

Presenter Profiles

Danielle Green – Human Resources Manager, True Foods

Danielle Green will then explain some of the strategies she has used in her position as Human Resources Manager at True Foods to build positive teams. True Foods was established in 2001 as a specialised manufacturer of flat bread products. In addition to producing a number of well known household brands, True Foods also produces a number of its own products.  True Foods is the largest employer in Maryborough, employing 270 people across many functions including production, warehousing, maintenance, finance, innovation, technical and administration.  Danielle will describe the impact positivity has on people’s ability to cope with challenges, how to work effectively with other people and how successfully a team can accomplish tasks when they are engaged and happy in their job.

Angela Ballard – Consultant and Coach

Angela Ballard will round off the event with a facilitated discussion about building positive teams. You will also be given an opportunity to reflect on team dynamics in your own workplaces. You will be encouraged to think about what attributes and characteristics a positive team displays and to consider the benefits of belonging to a productive group. You will also be asked to reflect on the role leadership plays in building a positive team, the strategies leaders can use to build positive teams, and what can be done to overcome some of the challenges associated with a team that is not working.

Please feel free to pass the details of this event on to your colleagues or anyone you think may be interested in learning more about building positive teams.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing you at this event.