Change Without Pain

About this Bendigo Regional HR Network Event

The world of work is changing very quickly – customers and clients are expecting more, technology is changing the way work is done, change in the external environment is coming faster and more frequent than ever before….change has become a normal part of business.

Managing people in this fast changing world is a challenge every leader faces and achieving maximum change with minimum pain is an objective we all share.

Andrew Marty is a leader in change management and brings a psychological perspective on how change can be achieved with as little ‘pain’ as possible.  In this interactive presentation, Andrew will address:

  • Why some people are more receptive to change than others
  • What happens in the human brain when people are asked to change
  • Emotional responses to change
  • How to help people adjust to and cope with change (ie: establish resilience)
  • Techniques for achieving change at the individual and organisational level

The presentation provides a fascinating perspective on change and is based on the most recent research findings in areas such as neuroscience.   You will leave the presentation with techniques you will be able to immediately implement in your workplaces.

Presenter Profile

Andrew Marty is the Managing Director of SACS Consulting.  He is a qualified psychologist with over 25 years of strategic human resource management consulting experience.

Andrew commenced his career in Melbourne, providing HR consulting and executive search and selection services, before heading offshore for four years to gain international experience.  Whilst offshore, Andrew occupied the role of Regional Director in Asia and Managing Director in the UK for an international human resources consulting firm.

Andrew has provided Human Resource Consulting services in areas such as Organisational Restructures, Performance Management, Career Transition Management, Team Development, Cultural Assessment and Change Management.  Andrew is a keen student of world-wide HR trends and speaks often on these subjects.  He is a very experienced and skilled workshop developer and facilitator and has provided training and development services to a range of organisations at senior levels.