Buying or selling your home, investment property or land might be one of the biggest financial transactions you make.

Robertson Hyetts Solicitors have an experienced team, making the transfer of a property a smooth process, giving you peace of mind.

To make an appointment with a member of our conveyancing team phone: Bendigo 5434 6666 or Castlemaine 5472 1588.

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is the legal process of transferring ownership of a legal title of land (property) from one person or entity to another.

When do I need conveyancing services?

The most common reasons are:

  • Buying or selling a property
  • Subdividing land
  • Updating a title
  • Registering, changing or removing an easement.

Buying a property

Buying a property can be daunting, especially the first time. Robertson Hyetts Solicitors have a friendly expert team to guide you through the process.

  • Advise you on terms and conditions of the contract of sale and any restrictions
  • Arrange settlement
  • Determine what statutory fees need to be paid

All the while providing you with expert legal advice.

Selling a property

Selling is a little more complex than buying a property but we still make it simple for you. When selling a property your conveyancer at Robertson Hyetts Solicitors takes care of the process. Guiding you through each one of the steps that make up the property transfer process; from preparing your Contract of Sale, to conducting planning and title searches, to discussing any special conditions with you. All the while providing expert legal advice.

Making conveyancing simple

Our conveyancing staff will provide a clear explanation of all aspects of property transfer and if there are other documents or activities that need to be completed, we can do these too. We aim to make the property transfer process simple for you.

Client Testimonial

“We were so pleased to have had the opportunity for Mark Donaldson to manage our recent house sale and purchase because his in-depth knowledge, attention to detail and approachable personality meant we always felt a part of the process. Mark has a great way of reinterpreting the ‘boring bits’, so we were able to easily understand what was going on at all times for this significant time in our life.”
– Claudette & Cameron