Employers guide to the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee

What is the Victorian Sick Pay Guarantee?

The pilot scheme that will operate as a trial for two years. The scheme acts to provide eligible casual and contract workers a minimum of 5 days (38 Hours) a year of sick and carer’s pay at the national minimum wage ($20.33 as of 1 July 2021).

The scheme is applicable to:

  • Hospitality workers
  • Aged and disability carers
  • Cleaners and laundry workers
  • Sales assistants
  • Other labourers who work in supermarket supply chains
  • Security officers and guards
  • Food trades workers
  • Food preparation assistants

Other eligibility criteria include:

  • The individual needs to work, on average, 7.6 hours a week in an eligible occupation (as listed above); and
  • The individual does not have access to sick or carers leave in any other job that they may have; and
  • The individual has the right to work in Australia; and
  • The individual is over the age of 15; and
  • The individual works in Victoria.

What does this all mean for employers?

Importantly for employers, the scheme is government funded. The scheme funds will be paid into the nominated bank account of eligible applicants.

There is no requirement for employers to make applications or be involved in the process except in some circumstances including:

  • If the employee requires evidence of employment (in the event that they don’t already have such evidence); or
  • If the department randomly contacts the employment to verify the application as a part of their random audit check.

The scheme also applies to self-employed individuals (sole-traders and freelancers) provided that they do not employ other people and meet the other eligibility criteria under the scheme.

In the event that your business isn’t covered by the scheme, there is potential that your business may be added to the trial scheme further on in phase two of the scheme. The scheme was originally created in consultation with works, advocacy groups, unions and businesses and the above occupation industries were identified as both vulnerable and vital.

For further information please refer to the Victorian Government Website https://www.vic.gov.au/sick-pay-guarantee or contact the Robertson Hyetts team on (03) 5434 6666.