Employment Law Fundamentals

Robertson Hyetts is a proud supporter of the Bendigo Regional HR Network. At their latest event, Katherine Hietbrink, Employment Lawyer and HR Manager at Robertson Hyetts Solicitors,  discussed some of the key pieces of legislation and the HR fundamentals every employer should know when it comes to employing staff.

Working through the employee lifecycle (Recruitment, Onboarding, Obligations during employment & Exit), Katherine provided an overview of:

  • how to engage new staff and identify what terms and conditions apply to their employment
  • your basic obligations in relation to OHS
  • understanding leave entitlements
  • essential policies that every workplace should have
  • unfair and unlawful dismissal

……and much, much more!

Katherine also talked about where to find useful, free resources that can assist you to comply with workplace laws.

Following Katherine’s presentation, there was a chance to ‘Ask an Expert’.  Brian Gould facilitated a panel discussion made up of our Committee members – Katherine Hietbrink, Michelle Forrester, Janelle Bricknell and Trish Mortlock.  By drawing on their own experiences and knowledge, the panel answered HR questions to help address the real-life dilemmas and issues currently facing businesses.

This session was designed to provide practical advice and knowledge to employers, managers and human resource professionals.