Health and Wellbeing

About this Bendigo Regional HR Network Event

The Bendigo Regional HR Network and Healthy Together Bendigo are teaming up to present a forum on health and wellbeing in the workplace. A healthy workplace is one where employers and employees work together to support and promote healthy behaviours in its employees and encourage them to make healthy choices.

Healthy workplaces bring many benefits to both employers and employees. For employers, it can help improve work performance and productivity as well as reduce the amount of absenteeism and sick leave. For employees, the benefits of a healthy workplace include improved physical health and mental wellbeing as well as increased job satisfaction and motivation.

At this event, Bendigo Health will present some figures on the health demographics of the Bendigo Region and explain the opportunities available to employers to influence the health and wellbeing of their employees.

A panel of local business people will also tell us why they decided to introduce a health and wellbeing program into their workplaces and what the crucial factor was that prompted them to make that decision. Margot Spalding (Jimmy Possum), Paul Walton (Fosterville Gold Mine) and James Rogers (Loddon Mallee Murray Medicare Local) will share with us how they went about introducing a workplace health and wellbeing program and the barriers and challenges they faced in going through this process. Importantly, Margot, Paul and James will also share their success stories and explain the range of activities they have introduced to support and promote the health of their employees and what they have achieved since implementing a health and wellbeing program.

The Healthy Together Team will present information about its workplace health promotion initiative – the Achievement Program – which provides practical steps and easy-to-use tools and templates to promote and improve health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Bendigo Community Health will also provide information on the services and programs it delivers to individuals, families and the broad community.

We look forward to seeing you at this event and to providing information on a range of simple, low cost approaches that can be used to implement an effective health and wellbeing program in your workplace.

Please feel free to pass the details of this event on to your colleagues or anyone you think may be interested in learning more about health and wellbeing in the workplace.