Hiring the Best People

About this Bendigo Regional HR Network Event

Hiring good people is one of the most important things a manager can do. However, making good hiring decisions takes time and those responsible for these decisions often do not give the task sufficient priority. Hiring the wrong people is a costly mistake and can have a significant impact on an organisation – both in monetary terms and the intangible costs associated with reduced productivity and the negative effect on co-workers.

At this event, Dr Ken Byrne, the Director of three companies specialising in the pre-employment profiling and screening of applicants in a variety of industries, will share his vast knowledge and experience with us. Ken, who also specialises in interviewing techniques, has spent a large portion of his professional life as a psychologist over the last 20 years helping organisations match people with jobs. Ken has been involved in over three thousand hiring decisions and we are very fortunate to have Ken come and present to us.

At this event, Ken will cover the following topics:

  1. The fundamental hiring principle for managers which is often overlooked
  2. Attracting better applicants on the cheap
  3. Five common reasons for hiring mistakes and how to avoid them
  4. Three techniques to improve your interviews
  5. Five questions that must be answered ‘yes’ before you hire someone.

Please feel free to pass the details of this event on to your colleagues or anyone you think may be interested in learning more about how to hire the best people.