Making Your Workplace More Culturally Inclusive

Supporting cultural diversity, promoting human rights and challenging unconscious bias in the workplace. 

A diverse workforce and inclusive work environment brings many benefits to organisations and the individuals who work in and alongside them.  A key component of building a diverse and inclusive workplace is supporting cultural diversity, promoting human rights, and recognizing, unpacking and challenging unconscious bias.

In this interactive workshop, the importance of noticing our own unconscious biases and cultural mirror was discussed, and how we can use this understanding to both mitigate negative impacts as well as generate more positive connections.  We also explored how unconscious biases, or lack of understanding about culture, can impact HR processes, workplace interactions and decision making and what we can do to review existing practices to improve and enhance cultural diversity and inclusion in our workplaces.

At the most recent Bendigo Regional HR Network event (which Robertson Hyetts is a proud supporter of), Duncan Smith from Diversity Partners in partnership with the City of Greater Bendigo discussed how to make your workplace more culturally inclusive.

To get the most value out of the Workshop and to help contribute to the discussion, the following was completed – Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) Workplace Cultural Diversity Tool, available via the below link.  This tool is a self-assessment of cultural diversity in the workplace and provides a starting point for those wanting to create a more culturally inclusive working environment.

The tool helps organisations to:

  • See how they rate on 30 dimensions of cultural diversity
  • Learn how to progress to the next level of good practice
  • Discover practical ideas that have been tried and tested in Australia
  • Recruit, select and retain high quality staff
  • Manage a culturally diverse workforce more effectively
  • Plan their business development
  • Chart their progress over time