Managing an Ageing Workforce

About this Bendigo Regional HR Network Event

The ageing workforce in Australia presents significant challenges for employers – many are unprepared for the impact an increasing ageing workforce will have on their organisations and few have strategies in place to attract, engage and retain this well-skilled, experienced and knowledgeable cohort of mature-age workers.

Employers need to take action to manage the current and future impacts of an ageing workforce – this requires multi-faceted and integrated approaches. This event will consider the legal, physical and psychological perspectives of managing an ageing workforce and will provide an insight into how employers can benefit from the value mature-age workers bring to an organisation whilst ensuring that risks to health and safety are well managed.

This event will provide an overview of:

  • an employer’s legal obligations in regards to:
    • ensuring the health and safety of its workers
    • avoiding discrimination and making reasonable adjustments
    • considering flexible working arrangements
  • how to manage the legal risks associated with an ageing workforce, including if a mature-age worker is unable to fulfil the inherent requirements of their role
  • how to facilitate difficult conversations with mature-age workers regarding their transition to retirement in a way that maximises benefits for both the organisation and workers
  • how to proactively manage the needs of an ageing workforce through Work Ability programs

Presenter Profile

Paul Marsh – Joint CEO / Co-owner, P2 Group

Paul is an occupational therapist and ergonomist and has over 15 years experience in:

  • workplace rehabilitation
  • providing injury management and injury prevention (including early intervention) consolation and advice
  • conducting ergonomic and manual handling assessments and training
  • case management
  • performing functional capacity evaluations
  • defining the inherent requirements of job roles

Paul is passionate about educating and empowering employers to better understand, become involved in and take control of the occupational health of their workforce.

Paul’s WorkCover industry experience includes government, postal, telecommunications, manufacturing, food processing, gaming, financial services, food production and transportation.