Janelle Brown

Lawyer & Director

Simply put, Janelle loves a challenge. Whether it’s in her daily work as Director of the Robertson Hyetts team, as a renowned and experienced Property and Development lawyer or as a competitive golfer, battling adversaries across 18 holes each weekend.

Driven to challenge herself from her earliest days, Janelle excelled during her schooling while growing up locally on the family farm in Bagshot.

From White Hills Tech to Bendigo Senior, Janelle found deep satisfaction in the Sciences and joined Monash University to explore maths, physics and chemistry. In addition to Science, Janelle undertook Law – viewing it as the ultimate personal and scholarly challenge.

She quickly discovered that a future in the lab was not for her; despite enjoying the analytical, formulaic nature of Science – her interest was firmly with Law.

After 10 years working in Horsham, focusing on Family and Criminal Law, Janelle returned to Bendigo and moved into Property and Development, and Commercial Law specialities. She joined Robertson Hyetts in 2004 and has been a Director of the firm since 2009.

“Building a trusting relationship with a client and making them feel comfortable, understood and supported is our main priority.”

Janelle and the team understand that engaging a lawyer can often mean a stressful situation has arisen, and her goal is to ensure that the resolution process is as easy, comfortable and straightforward as possible.

As Director, Janelle has a strong vision for the firm, combining her enthusiasm for a challenge with her interest in innovation. Not content to keep doing things the way they’ve always been done, Janelle wants to empower the team to be flexible, forward-thinking, innovative and adaptive.

“By really listening to our clients, we can see so many ways to make things easier for them – we’re spending the time to understand today, so that we can innovate for tomorrow.”