Jessica Hall

Lawyer & Property Team Leader

Property Law and Jessica Hall have several commonalities; both are organised, detail-oriented, specific and methodical. An experienced Property Lawyer, Jessica thrives in her chosen area of practice and enjoys the opportunity to immerse herself in the structure of a matter while maintaining a connection to the human side of Law – reducing stress, helping people understand the process, and providing advice.

“With Property Law, I like how all parties are rowing the boat in the same direction. Everyone is working towards a similar goal, and everyone is happy at the end of it.”

Growing up in Barham, in the southern Riverina of New South Wales, Jessica knew she wanted to stay local and undertook her Arts/Law degrees at La Trobe University, Bendigo. She has lived and worked in Melbourne and Swan Hill before recently settling in Bendigo and joining Robertson Hyetts in early 2022. Jessica has skills and experience in water share transfers and farm conveyancing which she developed while working in Swan Hill.

As Property Team Leader at Robertson Hyetts, Jessica has a busy day-to-day – managing clients and supporting her team across the Bendigo and Castlemaine offices. Negotiating and settling particularly complex matters has always been a highlight in Jessica’s career – the sense of satisfaction when she can relieve the burden of stress for a client while also minimising their risk continues to drive her.

“Because I have deep experience in Property, I know when and where I need to pre-empt conversations. I can explain the complexities so people feel more comfortable in what can be a stressful situation.”

Outside of work, Jessica pursues creative hobbies such as sewing and painting – relaxing outlets quite different from her daily work. Jessica is also an active member of the Law Institute of Victoria’s Young Lawyers Editorial Committee and regularly contributes blogs and articles to the Young Lawyers Blog and Law Institute Journal.