It pays to be a good employer

As a business owner, knowing your obligations around employing people is essential.  Not only is it important to treat your employees fairly, but there are also significant consequences if you don’t meet the various obligations that arise when employing staff.

As Jessica Duff, Employment Lawyer with Robertson Hyetts explains ‘knowing your obligations about staff wages and entitlements and OHS laws is one of the most important jobs you have if you run a business’.

Jessica has assisted many employers who have innocently made costly mistakes while employing staff, which could have been avoided. ‘Having a good understanding of the basic rules around employing staff will ensure you are doing the right thing’ advises Jessica. ‘Knowing your obligations under the National Employment Standards and whether a Modern Award applies to your staff is a good place to start’.

‘We also recommend that you engage staff on a contract of employment and make sure your business has basic policies in place about staff entitlements and conduct’ explains Jessica. ‘This helps everyone to be clear about what is expected in the workplace and can prevent issues down the track’.

Getting employment law matters wrong can have serious implications for your staff, for your business and can even involve the Fair Work Ombudsman seeking sanctions against you.  As Jessica advises ‘getting it right at the start can prevent both staff and your business from being hurt’.

For practical advice about employing staff, including drafting employment contracts and policies, please make an appointment to see Jessica Duff at Robertson Hyetts on 03 5434 6666.