Psychological Health in the Workplace

About this Bendigo Regional HR Network Event

With one in five Australians experiencing a mental health condition each year, workplace stress and psychological distress are becoming increasingly important to employers. Negative workplace experiences such as excessive pressure, poor leadership and lack of recognition can lead to stress, anxiety and other ensuing health problems – resulting in substantial costs to employers, employees and the community. The level of control employees feel over their work situation and their sense of feeling valued at work can dramatically affect work performance and productivity, absenteeism, workplace safety and staff turnover.

At this session, Danni Hocking will explain the critical role work plays in the development and maintenance of psychological health, making workplaces ideally placed to improve and nurture employees’ health and wellbeing for the benefit of both the individual and the workplace. Danni will demonstrate that by implementing mental health programs in the workplace, individuals will benefit from interaction with co-workers, improved economic well being, and a sense of contribution and self-satisfaction whilst employers can improve the productivity of their workforce and significantly cut levels of absenteeism and presenteeism.

Presenter Profile

Danni Hocking – Currently taking a self-imposed ‘sabbatical’

Danni is passionate about corporate wellness and, following her self-imposed ‘sabbatical’, will return to work to help employers create corporate wellness programs to benefit their employees. Before going on sabbatical, Danni was a Principal in Aon Hewitt’s People Risk team with expertise in the area of health and wellness. Danni has a risk/injury management and work health and safety background, and is a qualified occupational therapist. Danni is also an accredited Mental Health First Aid practitioner.