Resilient People: Resilient Workplaces

About this HR Network event

Today’s workplaces can provide a source of meaning, purpose and drive – but equally can pose challenges, adversity and stress. Despite the growing evidence of the cost of workplace stress and staff disengagement, many organisations do not take any action to promote and enhance employee health, resilience and engagement.

Resilient employees create resilient organisations. They view each issue as an opportunity, they look to accentuate any positives and minimise the negatives. They can also influence change by adapting their thinking, and using their instincts to overcome problems and setbacks.

Building resilience can protect employee mental health and wellbeing by helping to offset risk factors including a lack of social support, engagement, being challenged or bullied, experiencing trauma, or social or cultural discrimination.

For many years, resilience was assumed to be something people were just born with – that it was a ‘personality’ trait. It is now known that resilience is not just something people are born with – it is a process that is learned and can be developed.

At this session, resilience will be defined and the five keys to resilience will be explained. Participants will also learn about the link between resilient people and resilient workplaces and acquire tips on how to build resilience.

Presenter Profile

Janis Bull – Senior Consultant at Converge International

Janis is a qualified clinical social worker with particular expertise in workplace stress and mental health, grief, loss and bereavement, relationship discord, anxiety disorders and depression.

Janis is an experienced trainer, delivering training programs on behalf of Converge International and also lecturing in the School of Education and the School of Social Work at Latrobe University, Bendigo. Janis’ expertise is in the areas of mental health, child and family welfare, social work theory, counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy.

Janis’ warm, humorous, engaging and passionate qualities will ensure that all participants feel welcome and safe to contribute and actively engage in this session.