Responding to Employee Crisis

Responding to and dealing with a staff member who is facing a personal crisis is one of the most difficult challenges you will face in the workplace. As HR professionals and business owners, we sometimes have to assist our staff to find a way forward through difficult personal circumstances.

How people respond in times of distress can have an impact on both the individual and the workplace. Thoughtful action and knowing who to refer to for specific critical situations can help facilitate the best possible outcome and reduce the stress for those involved. Knowing how to respond and being able to provide practical advice and support may be the help an employee needs to be able to better manage their own ‘crises’.

At the most recent Bendigo Regional HR Network event (which Robertson Hyetts is a proud supporter of), Andrea Noonan, Cate Maloney & Caroline Granger discussed how to deal with employee crisis.

Andrea Noonan, Executive Director People and Culture at Bendigo Health, discussed the approach that Bendigo Health takes when assisting staff members who are facing a personal crisis.

Cate Maloney from the Centre for Non Violence explained their work and the services they can provide in relation to family violence and homelessness.

Caroline Granger, Family Lawyer at Robertson Hyetts Solicitors, provided an overview of legal supports that can be put in place and talk about the options for legal assistance that are available within Bendigo.