Restorative Practice in the Workplace

Robertson Hyetts is a proud supporter of the Bendigo Regional HR Network. At their latest event, Angela Ballard discussed Organisational and Restorative Justice and what will work best in your workplace.

While most organisations have procedurally fair policies and processes in place to manage inter-personal conflict, they do not tend to deal with the emotional fallout that comes from managing such difficult situations. As a result, employees are often dissatisfied with the outcome. In this presentation, Angela Ballard will show you how restorative practice is used in the workplace to bring people together and help them to consider what happened, how they have been affected by the conflict and how best to improve the situation.

Organisational Justice

  • Procedurally Fair
  • Process / Policy Driven
  • Outcome orientated
  • Outcomes imposed
  • Administrative / Disciplinary actions maybe taken
  • Costly
  • Divisive

Restorative Justice

  • Allows all affected to be heard
  • Reduces and prevents any further harmful behaviour
  • Repairs harm and restores better relationships
  • Resolves conflict: holding individuals and groups accountable
  • Allows the group to identify what needs to change and empowers them in the process to move forward
  • Builds healthier relationships

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