Workplace Investigations

About this Bendigo Regional HR Network Event

Following the implementation of the new bullying provisions of the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth) on 1st January 2014, lawyers, HR professionals and business owners need to be more aware than ever of how to conduct best practice workplace investigations into allegations of bullying and other inappropriate behaviours. This event will provide guidance on the conduct of fair and rigorous workplace investigations, and will examine:

  • Identifying risks associated with conducting and managing investigations and the importance of employer risk management
  • Choosing who will investigate the allegation, setting the scope for the investigation and commencing the investigation process
  • The golden rules for investigations – and where it can all go wrong!
  • The latest case law up-dates and lessons to be learnt from what the FWC has highlighted as ‘fundamentally flawed’ investigations
  • Responding wisely to allegations and reflecting well on the investigation process

Attendees will receive a complimentary copy of Worklogic’s new book Effective Workplace Investigations: A Practical Guide for Australian HR Professionals by Rose-Bryant Smith, Grevis Beard and Lisa Klug. Following the event, recipients of the book will also receive an e-investigation article once every six months from Worklogic. This article will provide an up-date on the latest cases and the implication of relevant findings on the conduct of fair and equitable workplace investigations. If you would prefer your e-mail address not be passed on to Worklogic, please indicate this at the session.

Presenter Profile

Grevis Beard – Worklogic

Grevis Beard is one of two Directors of Worklogic, an organisation that works with employers to prevent and minimise the impact of illegal and inappropriate conduct in the workplace. Grevis is a skilled and experienced workplace investigator and accredited mediator. Progressing from his legal roles as a solicitor and then barrister, Grevis has significant knowledge of the dynamics of workplace disputes and their resolution. Grevis works with a range of clients to improve workplace communication, manage workplace risks, handle complaints and improve employee behaviour.