Workplace Mental Health

Robertson Hyetts is proud to support the Bendigo Regional HR Network – On Thursday the 28th February, the P2 group discussed the importance of upskilling all levels of management in the early identification, support and management of mental health conditions within the workplace, which has never been so important.  As organisations are increasingly challenged by the task of managing workers with mental health concerns, it is essential that a proactive focus is placed upon addressing mental health in the workplace.

In this interactive workshop, Brianna Cattanach, Senior Occupational Therapist with the P2 Group, provided practical ways to assist you to positively manage employee mental health in the workplace. Brianna improved the understanding of mental health and how to promote a healthy attitude, stress and its impact on the workplace, how to recognise the early warning signs and symptoms of mental health concerns, the importance of early intervention and how to approach this, how to manage and support mental health claims and how to develop mental health resilience in staff.

Developing an Effective Mental Health Early Intervention Process:

  • Organisational prioritisation and goal setting
  • Development of workplace policy and resources
  • Development of key incident response strategy
  • Management training and skills building
  • Team member training and resilience building
  • Post-incident mental health supports and acknowledgement

The Big Three:

  1. Perceived workplace stress and concerns regarding workload and demands
  2. Exposure to instances of Occupational Violence and Aggression and Trauma
  3. Challenging Interpersonal Relationships within the workplace and experience of Bullying and Harassment

Identifying early warning signs:

  • Changes in mood
  • Loss of enjoyment and motivation
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Changes in appearance
  • Increased fatigue and difficulty concentrating
  • Change in personal and work based routines
  • Reduced productivity and performance
  • Changes to personal circumstances

The P2 Group are leaders in their field and work with a large array of businesses, big and small, across many different industries to provide advice and strategies to improve workplace well-being.  Whether this relates to preventing, minimising or managing Workcover claims or providing training and assessments to proactively help businesses with early intervention and prevention, the P2 Group is focused on applying expertise in Occupational Health to improve culture, performance and the well-being of people and organisations.  For more information about the P2 Group, please visit their website: