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Life can change in an instant.

Dealing with the estate administration process can be a difficult time, especially after the recent loss of a loved one. Administering an estate can quickly become complicated, which is why Robertson Hyetts has dedicated lawyers that know when to expect challenges and how to overcome them with ease and efficiency.

Please read our guide on estate administration based on commonly asked questions.

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Our experienced team will help you efficiently navigate the responsibilities required of an estate administrator.

Acting as the executor or administrator of a Will can often be a demanding and lengthy process. Dealing with the paperwork required by financial institutions and superannuation funds, ensuring that all necessary organisations and government departments are notified, arranging the sale of assets and communicating with beneficiaries are all part of the process.

We will be your partner throughout this process. This may include arranging the funeral, applying for Probate, corresponding with government agencies and financial institutions, and other administrative tasks, to distribute the assets in accordance with the terms of the Will.

Robertson Hyetts has attentive and experienced lawyers that not only assist you navigate the legal and administrative tasks required, but also support your communication with beneficiaries and family members.

Your guide to estate administration

Dealing with estate administration may be difficult after the recent loss of a family member or a friend. This guide provides information and the steps to be taken.

This free guide from Robertson Hyetts can help you to navigate and understand your responsibilities during a difficult time.

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Estate adminsitration
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Who arranges the funeral?
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