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Succession planning is often a complex issue for farming families. 

This free guide from Robertson Hyetts provides information for farming families who are just starting the conversation on the topic of succession planning, or already in the process of implementing changes. 

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Succession Planning FAQs

Farm succession is the transition of your family operation to your children.
A succession plan is how you achieve the transition by moving the responsibility for management, for getting the work done and eventually ownership from you to your children.

Usually it is a stepped approach so you need to start early. This could involve:

  • Giving some management responsibility to a certain family member,
  • Next, making that person a genuine partner,
  • Then, let them take ownership of the business separately from the land, and
  • Finally, identify how they can buy the land.

Your succession plan should not be prepared and put on the shelf. The process of succession planning is ongoing and needs to evolve as your circumstances change. It should be reviewed and updated regularly.

It is important to consult a professional when creating your succession plan. Your accountant can help identify financial risks and opportunities and your lawyer will make sure that you haven’t left anything out.

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Succession planning
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